Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eve Andree Laramee at American Philosophical Society Museum, Philadelphia

"Magic Lantern: The Memories of the Stones"
sculpture with video by Eve Andree Laramee

Eve Andree Laramee's contemporary art is featured in "Dialogues with Darwin" at the American Philosophical Society Museum in Philadelphia. The exhibit celebrates Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species

Laramee creates fictional lost artifacts of Darwin, including notebooks (simulating Darwin's handwriting, and weathered and distressed to appear aged) and beautifully crafted machines that look like they could be scientific instruments from Darwin's age. Although these pieces don't have anything to do with Darwin, the artist manages to inter-weave her own imagination with our factual knowledge of Darwin's life, and the objects take us to that era, like time machines. The sculptural machines stir our imaginations. We don't quite understand their purpose, and the names are fanciful: "Magic Lanterns," "Device to Extract Memories from Stones," and "Perpetual Awareness Calculatory Machine."

"Device to Extract Memories from Stones"
sculpture by Eve Andree Laramee

Laramee's sculptures evoke the sense of wonder, adventure and revolution that characterized Darwin's life and scientific theories. Laramee's work is a just a small part of the exhibition, but these pieces brought a sense of magic, discovery and humor to "Dialogues with Darwin."

"Dialogues with Darwin" will be on view through October 17, 2010.